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About the Book

Mrs. Gandalf Campbell and her son, Mitch P. Campbell, die in a car crash on their way home. Mercifully, they wake up in Heaven.

Relatives who died years earlier greeted them at the Square — except for Edmund. Mitch is ordered to go look for his little brother and bring him home. A former schoolmate—a school bully—serves as Mitch’s guide in the Heavens. But the things Mitch is discovering about people back on earth, especially his own family, make him question whether he’s in Heaven after all.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Campbell goes straight to God’s house to seek answers. It doesn’t go well. When she threatens to follow God everywhere He goes, they reach an agreement: Edmund must face trial in the Courthouse of Heaven, and Mrs. Gandalf Campbell will be the only juror.

She accepts the challenge to deliver a verdict. However, if God thinks only humans have secrets, He’d better think twice. For it is written: One day, everything shall be laid bare for all eyes to see and all ears to hear.