I was born and raised on a beautiful farm in northwestern Haiti. My childhood was ordinary. There wasn’t much to do, especially for me, except feed the livestock. We had all kinds: chickens, lambs, goats, donkeys, pigs, horses, and mules. At one point we even had a few turkeys. It was a nightmare to handle them; they’re loud and they shit everywhere.

I began school when I was seven. I would have grown up illiterate had it not been for a divine intervention. The school was far, about ten miles back and forth. Two years later in the local school, my father sent for me and I moved to the big city. At the time, it was everyone’s dream to move to Port-au-Prince.

My first day in my new school was a nightmare. Nobody liked me. I was like a lost alien. They began calling me names—and I will not indulge you by telling you which names I’ve been called. Let’s just leave it alone.

It was hard to cope with. I found peace and joy in reading and writing. So I wrote songs, poems and short stories. I wrote stories about the Heavens, in which I invited my abusers into, and allowed them to redeem themselves by becoming my friends.

Every Sunday night, my father would give me a book to read in exchange for ice cream the following Saturday—if I finished. I never missed a Saturday. (Okay, okay! I would skip a couple of pages, sometime chapters, just so I could get to the end.) And yes, I still keep that practice today. If I don’t finish reading a book by Saturday, I don’t get ice cream.

I wanted to study Literature, instead my folks insisted on Information Technology, something I am not fond of. So I bitterly went and got it over with. I worked as Bilingual IT for twenty years. But my heart has always been about writing. I have written several books and am about to release one every year. Your support is much appreciated.

I love reading; I love writing. I enjoy experimenting with nuance and language. I studied Creative Writing at Sheridan College in Oakville.

I write mostly about the emotional crises that people face each day, so my readers can easily identify with the characters. All of my books are character-driven, and all take place in, or have to do with the Heavens. I write about time, love, forgiveness, family, greed, betrayal, death, and redemption. I trust and hope that my stories will entertain you and inspire you to be the best you can be.